How do we work?

In order to define our ways of work Ysys has developed its Theory of Business which is of four interrelated and tightly connected corners:

Developing Strong Partnerships:

Building relationships with all financial service providers and humanitarian and development agencies and communities. Our partners are diversified including our staff, communities, FIs, private sector, technological institutions, studies and research foundations, technical forums, NGOs, donors and governments. Our partnership is based on the mutual exchange of knowledge, influences and common interests.

Customer Driven Products and Services:

All our services and products are developed based on customers from the stage of identification, design, production and on-going development and improvement. So we believe in what our customers believe. Our customers are the primary lead for our innovations, strategies, for better quality

Lead Innovation:

We will be influencing the Financial Inclusion and its technologies through our leading innovations to overcome challenges and constraints of financial inclusion and provision of context-based solutions, teams of Forwarding Thinkers, adopting the philosophy of Present-day Doers, and learning culture. Our products are built on customers expectations, artificial and emotional intelligence.

Value Chain Support:

We provide different products and services however they come to the same pool (supporting value; e.g. a customer may apply for a loan in an MFI using our microfinance solutions/system, use Training Platform and YAcademy to acquire knowledge and skills, get technical support from our partners using our CRM solutions, good and supplies through our Ydelivery app, marketing his/her products using our YMarket app/platform, getting supplies using our YLogistics app/platform, doing and receiving payments using our developed e-wallets …etc).

Who is Ysys?

YSys is a company specialized in FinTech and SMART Humanitarian Solutions. Driven by the need to develop solutions based on the local requirements for custom made systems as best built by personnel living and experiencing the moment.

Why Ysys came up to existance?

The financial services needs in affected countries with a primary start in Yemen humanitarian context Enhancement of sustainable solutions in inclusive methodology with technology Limited coverage of financial services.

Our Mission

To develop quality FinTech & SMART Humanitarian Solutions to serve as a long-term solution for the Financial service providers’ and NGOs' needs.

Our Goals

  • To enable YSys accomplish piloted and market-oriented solution systems.
  • To provide capacity building for the system clients i.e. individuals, institutions, retails and NGOs.
  • To improve the system implementation through continuous reviews and learning.

YSys for FinTech & SMART Humanitarian Solutions

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Our Vision

FinTech and SMART Humanitarian Solutions.

Our Targeted groups

  • Financial service providers
  • UN Agencies, Donors and NGOs
  • Retailers
  • Communities