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Social Cash Transfer System

Social cash transfers system is specifically designed with clear-cute customization to suit the local needs in Yemen. Cloud-based features makes field missions easier especially in hard to reach off-grid areas. Executing transactions, receptions, and data entry can be done on and offline.

MSME System

Developing the retails system and developing Programs Management System targeting individuals and retailers who will be able to practice their transactions and process of accounting and transfers.

NGOs PM system

NGOs Programs Management System will enable NGOs to create, manage their projects and programs with all requirements and parameters of projects management. innovative solution that will connect donors, beneficiaries and disbursement channels in a free-for-all platform. As an inclusive system, it’s detailed database will allow using donor parties to generate specific report. The system in turn links financers/distributors swiftly to beneficiaries based on criteria such as reach, geographic scope and capabilities.

Strategic planning

- Continual developments on the systems - Developing businesses - Quality monitoring and adjustment - Strategic planning

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